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Marvel Hair, Don’t Care

Comb through the Marvel Cinematic Hair-niverse with us! Hair plays a big role for the Avengers - whether it be facial hair, head hair, or no hair. How do our iconic heroes change their hair over time, and why? What does their hairstyle symbolize about their personality, character growth, and questions of identity? And, of… Continue reading Marvel Hair, Don’t Care

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Marvel at Hogwarts

We thought it would be fun to sort the Marvel characters into their Hogwarts houses… and then we got a little crazy with the headcanons. Rocket is the Animagus form of Bradley Cooper; Steve is basically Harry Potter; Groot is the spawn of the Whomping Willow; and many more magical shenanigans! Listen to the full… Continue reading Marvel at Hogwarts

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Super Bowl Disney+ Trailer Analysis

Wait, the Disney+ trailer dropped? This is what we get for never watching football. We are here to analyze Bucky’s hair, Wanda’s sitcom throwbacks, Loki’s two-second-long-but-still-glorious appearance, and what Gen lovingly calls “the classic man hand grab.” Listen to the full episode on Anchor.

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The Avengers Take the Myers-Briggs Test (Part III)

In the final installment of our Myers-Briggs series, we analyze the new Avengers’ personality types. Which characters overlap with each other, and which ones are their own special unicorns? We also look back on our series and how our understanding of the characters’ personality types will influence our future podcasts - and our fanfics! Listen… Continue reading The Avengers Take the Myers-Briggs Test (Part III)


LA Comic Con 2019 Recap

A fictional roast of Thanos, Star Wars cosplay, a Kim Possible reunion, and more! Bridgette becomes a surprise Marvel panelist and stalks her favorite comic creator. Maddie listens to voice actors do an episode of Flash Gordon. And Kylo-Gen goes around scowling at everyone. What a nerd-tastic day! Listen to the episode on Anchor. Interested… Continue reading LA Comic Con 2019 Recap


Spidey’s Back at the MCU!

Disney & Sony are BACK ON! We can put down our torches and pitchforks and get back to what we do best: pure speculation. Which Marvel film will Spider-Man appear in next? Will we get a Venom mashup? What diabolical plans does Disney have for him (and us) next? Find out on our new podcast… Continue reading Spidey’s Back at the MCU!


Marvel Phase 4 Speculation

Endgame’s over. What now? San Diego Comic Con gave us big news for the next phase of Marvel movies AND Disney+ TV shows, so it’s time for squee fangirling and mad speculation about where our favorite characters will go now. Featuring our special guest star, Maddie! Listen to our podcast episode on Anchor. Want a… Continue reading Marvel Phase 4 Speculation

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Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

Today, we review the fun teenage dramedy known as Spider-Man: Far From Home. Topics include: Iron Man still manages to ruin everything, Mysterio joins the lineup of solid MCU villains, and Peter Parker may now be Bridgette’s newest Marvel obsession (sorry, Cap). How does Spider-Man come into his own and what does this film mean… Continue reading Spider-Man: Far From Home Review


Happy Black Widow Appreciation Day!

Today is Black Widow Appreciation Day! Never heard of it? Well, we just made it a thing. To celebrate, we’re talking about our favorite quips, moments, and character traits of our beloved redheaded Avenger - including a surprisingly philosophical analysis of her hair - all leading up to the culmination of her arc in Endgame.… Continue reading Happy Black Widow Appreciation Day!


Marvel Movie Parenting III: Hypothetical Parents

We've talked about the bad dads and dead moms of our favorite heroes, but what if our heroes themselves became parents? Today, Gen puts her child development education to good use as we theorize about which Avengers are up to the task of parenthood... and which ones are not. Parents assemble! Listen on Anchor here. You… Continue reading Marvel Movie Parenting III: Hypothetical Parents