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Marvel at Hogwarts

We thought it would be fun to sort the Marvel characters into their Hogwarts houses… and then we got a little crazy with the headcanons. Rocket is the Animagus form of Bradley Cooper; Steve is basically Harry Potter; Groot is the spawn of the Whomping Willow; and many more magical shenanigans! Listen to the full… Continue reading Marvel at Hogwarts

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Nerd Alert Podcast Episode 1: Thanos Strikes Back

Avengers: Infinity War has been out for ages, and we're still crying inside (and outside). Bridgette and Gen are two simple fangirls who decided to hash out our feelings in a public podcast, as you do. Gen discusses how she saw the movie by herself and regrets every decision she has made up to this… Continue reading Nerd Alert Podcast Episode 1: Thanos Strikes Back