My story starts here: I was sitting on a hillside and scrawling my poor penmanship on a spiral-bound notebook about a new girl in school masquerading as a skater boy because the town believed that girls shouldn’t skateboard.  (I’ve lost that notebook, so anyone who finds it will receive a substantial reward of twenty dollars.)  That day on the hillside, I made a realization.  My head popped up, I looked at the grass, the trees, the vast blacktop, and I looked back down.  “Hey,” I thought.  “I’m writing.”  And I’ve been writing ever since.

I self-designed a major in Creative Writing in college because I had dreamed to become a writer since that fateful day in the sixth grade.  Over the years, I wrote stories about kids my age, poems about doomed crushes, essays about Dickens books, and a (terrible) novel about knights in a fantasy kingdom.  I loved stories because I could create a new world for myself – an escape of sorts.

There is only one thing that I love more than writing, and that’s reading a good book.  In 2011, I founded a book club at my church and started my first blog shortly after.  The first book series we talked about was C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, which my father read to me as a child and got me hooked on books in the first place.  I posted on the book club blog about our upcoming novels and events for a stunning audience of 7 followers – including my dad.  Eventually I kept blogging books on my own.

Fantasy has always been my favorite genre.  Where else can you find a talking mouse?  Or immortal elves?  Or powerful wizards?  My original love for out-of-this-world wonder has translated into my current love of comic book superheroes and the Star Wars space opera.  Which is what I blog about now.

If you enjoy geekdom as much as I do, then you can watch me rave about The Clone Wars and why Captain America is better than everyone by going on my blog.  And if you want to read my opinion editorials (including one about the intellectual value of fairy tales) that are currently on the Internet’s vast universe, then click the other links above.