Marvel Phase 4 Speculation

Endgame’s over. What now? San Diego Comic Con gave us big news for the next phase of Marvel movies AND Disney+ TV shows, so it’s time for squee fangirling and mad speculation about where our favorite characters will go now. Featuring our special guest star, Maddie! Listen to our podcast episode on Anchor. Want a… Continue reading Marvel Phase 4 Speculation

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Black Panther Rises, and My Body is Ready

I remember the hurricane of controversy when the first poster for Black Panther was released last summer.  Because the poster had a striking resemblance to a famous photograph of Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the American Black Panther Party, it ruffled white people’s feathers by simple virtue of a holla back to black power.  I just have one… Continue reading Black Panther Rises, and My Body is Ready