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Marvel at Hogwarts

We thought it would be fun to sort the Marvel characters into their Hogwarts houses… and then we got a little crazy with the headcanons. Rocket is the Animagus form of Bradley Cooper; Steve is basically Harry Potter; Groot is the spawn of the Whomping Willow; and many more magical shenanigans! Listen to the full… Continue reading Marvel at Hogwarts

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Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

Today, we review the fun teenage dramedy known as Spider-Man: Far From Home. Topics include: Iron Man still manages to ruin everything, Mysterio joins the lineup of solid MCU villains, and Peter Parker may now be Bridgette’s newest Marvel obsession (sorry, Cap). How does Spider-Man come into his own and what does this film mean… Continue reading Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

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Avengers: Endgame Movie Review

SPOILERS TO INFINITY STONES AND BEYOND. We died, we cried, we lived again. Get our first raw reaction (seriously, we started recording during the end credits) to the most anticipated Marvel movie of all time. Listen here on Anchor. Interested in a transcript? Hit me up on the contact button.

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The New Spider-Man Shows the Awkward Stage of a Superhero

Prepare to feel way better about your embarrassing teen years, thanks to the newest Spider-Man.  We’ve anticipated the third reincarnation of Spidey ever since his appearance in Captain America: Civil War, and, let’s be honest, we were real nervous about it.  However, Marvel answered our concerns with a surprisingly fresh take that shows a Spider-Man in transition.  I’m not just talking… Continue reading The New Spider-Man Shows the Awkward Stage of a Superhero