Bad Dads: Marvel Parenting Part I

What makes a decent dad in the Marvel movies? Don’t try to kill the kid. Today we scour the MCU for all the beloved fathers who manage to pass this incredibly high bar. Listen now on Anchor.

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Book Review: Thanos – Titan Consumed

In today’s book review, we get inside the mind of the Mad Titan in Barry Lyga’s prequel novel leading to The Snap. No doubt Thanos is brutal in his logic, but this book asks us fascinating questions about the nature of love, isolation, sacrifice, and, ultimately, “salvation.” Check out our review on Anchor.

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Nerd Alert Podcast Episode 1: Thanos Strikes Back

Avengers: Infinity War has been out for ages, and we're still crying inside (and outside). Bridgette and Gen are two simple fangirls who decided to hash out our feelings in a public podcast, as you do. Gen discusses how she saw the movie by herself and regrets every decision she has made up to this… Continue reading Nerd Alert Podcast Episode 1: Thanos Strikes Back