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Well, He Shot First: Solo Movie Review

All right, the movie wasn’t terrible. I had my severe doubts from the trailer, but what can I say? The Star Wars fandom deals with enough hyperbolic hate as it is, so now that I've seen the whole thing, I’m going to give Solo: A Star Wars Story the credit it’s due. I had fun.… Continue reading Well, He Shot First: Solo Movie Review

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Solo: A Star Wars Meh

If this trailer had been a fan-made film, I would have gushed about how they did a great job.  "You guys made cool effects, an interesting (fanfic) backstory premise, and an awesome Chewbacca impression," I would have said.  But no.  This was a real Star Wars trailer. I don't know anyone who wanted this movie to… Continue reading Solo: A Star Wars Meh