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Nerd Alert Podcast Episode 1: Thanos Strikes Back

Avengers: Infinity War has been out for ages, and we’re still crying inside (and outside). Bridgette and Gen are two simple fangirls who decided to hash out our feelings in a public podcast, as you do.

Gen discusses how she saw the movie by herself and regrets every decision she has made up to this point. Bridgette makes way too many Star War references (she blames Disney owning both franchises). Gen can’t stop thinking about everyone disappearing into ash (spoiler alert). And Bridgette needs a Thor/Guardians of the Galaxy full-length crossover to happen, like, yesterday.

Content Warnings:
-Infinity War spoilers, obviously.
-Minor cursing. We’re potty mouths, sorry.
-That’s a fan in the background. It was crazy hot, and my house doesn’t have AC 😦

This podcast episode is no longer publicly available on Buzzsprout (I’m too poor to pay the premium plan, okay?). If you would like to listen to this episode, shoot me an email!



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